The faculty of IIT Bombay is not only considered amongst the best within the country but also highly recognized in the world for their achievements in the field of education and research. The Institute is privileged to host faculty who have distinguished themselves as teachers, researchers, and consultants of extraordinary calibre. Nearly all faculty members have doctorates, with many of them having extensive teaching experience in globally renowned universities. In addition, many have substantial industry experience.

Technology Leadership

The faculty of IIT Bombay is involved in wide range of activities besides subsantial academic and research commitments.They contribute significantly to the country's growth in science and technology by making their services available to the various national and state level committees. Many of them also serve on editorial boards of leading journals, as reviewers for publications, on selection committees, and as members of review boards of leading institutions and government agencies.

With the aspiration to grow and develop, IIT Bombay has been continuing its efforts to widen its faculty base. As a measure towards this end , there is a regular induction of, Visiting, Adjunct as well as Faculty on contract basis, into the Institute.

Broadening the Horizon

Faculty involvement in research and consultancy activity leads to signinficant output of publications in leading national and international journals. Faculty members are encouraged to interact with peer groups by participating in international conferences and visiting leading institutions for academic and research activities.

Recognizing Talent

The Institute has established various awards for recognizing faculty contributions, viz. Life time Achievement Award, Annual Excellence in Teaching Awards, Annual Technology Development Award and, Award of Professor Emritus to honor retired faculty who have contributed significantly to the institute.

Our faculty has made their mark amongst peer group A and has been recognized with awards and distinctions by professional bodies.A few of the major Awards and Honors over the last 10 years are mentioned below:

  • Prof. S. P. Sukhatme, Mechanical Engineering, 2001
  • Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award:
  • Prof. B. M. Deb, Chemistry, 1981
  • Prof. S. P. Sukhatme, Mechanical Engineering, 1984
  • Prof. S. K. Bhatia, Chemical Engineerin, 1993
  • Prof. D. V. Khakkar, Chemical Engineering, 1997
  • Prof. Pradeep Mathur, Chemistry, 2000
  • Prof. Kanchan Pande, Earth Sciences, 2003
  • Swarajayanti Fellowship:
  • Prof. D. V. Khakkar, Chemical Engineering, 1998
  • Prof. Murugavel R., Chemistry, 2002
  • Prof. Subhasis Chaudhary, Electrical Engineering, 2003

  • Significant Fellowships :
  • National Academy of Science : 4
  • Indian National Academy of Engineering : 20
  • Indian National Science Academy : 9
  • Indian Academy of Science