IIT Bombay considers research and development as pivotal activities in the pursuit of excellence. The institute plays a vital role in diverse facets of research and development by keeping pace with the rapidly expanding frontiers of knowledge, trying to address national needs and contributing to global development. Its preeminent position at the cutting edge of research is reflected in its impressive catalogue of research projects funded by national and international organizations and industries.

Student Projects

It is mandatory for all B.Tech, Dual degree, M.Tech, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D students to take up projects under the guidance of faculty. These include development and application oriented projects. Many of the projects, being sponsored by the industry, provide students with an opportunity to understand and analyze real life problems pertaining to the industry.


Students are encouraged to publish their work in the form of papers in peer reviewed national and international conferences and refereed journals.


Students who have come up with innovative solutions to practical problems are encouraged to file national and international patents.


Several post graduate students are offered a three year research assistantship, which includes working in ongoing research projects, maintaining laboratories or system administration.


Various sponsored and consultancy projects are offered to faculty members via the Industrial Consultancy and Research Center (IRCC), which functions as the interface between the institute and the industry. Students work on these long-term projects and benefit from the experience gained therefrom.


The institue undertakes research and development projects in various areas of specialization. They can be broadly categorized as following:
  • Sponsored/Contract research
  • Consultancy projects
  • Sponsored student projects
Sponsored/Contract research
Over 400 ongoing and new projects are undertaken by our faculty members and research scientists, which include long term basic, development and application oriented research projects. These projects entail funding from National/ International and Government agencies and Industries.
Consultancy Projects
Varied consultancy projects as given below are undertaken in the Institute:
Technology assessment
Process, product and software development
Simulation, modelling and optimization
Communication design
Trouble shooting
And many more
Sponsored student projects
This entails sponsorship of postgraduate and undergraduate students or student projects to tackle live projects related to industry along with implementaion, during the time span allocated in the program.

Major Areas of Research

  • Microelectronis
  • Communications & Signal Processing
  • Power Electronics & Power Systems
  • Centrifuge Modelling & Structural Design
  • Geosynthetics & Environmental Geotechniques
  • Polymers & Special Materials
  • Bio & Food Process Engineering
  • Process Systems Design & Engineering
  • Surface & Interfacial Engineering
  • Steel Science & Technology
  • GPS & Remote Sensing
  • Composite Structures
  • Integerated Aerospace Systems Modelling & Simulation
  • Flight Dynamics, CFD
  • Robotics & Mechatronics
  • Energy Systems, Heat Transfer
  • Cryogenics & Refrigeration
  • Computer Integerated Manufacturing
  • Product Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Bio Informatics
  • Information Technology & Technologies for Indian Languages on the Web

Specialized Centers ( for research & teaching support )

  • Advanced Centre for Research in Electronics
  • Centre Of Studies in Resources Engineering
  • Computer Aided Design Centre
  • Regional Sophisticated Instrumental Centre
  • Centre for Aerospace Systems Design and Engineering
  • Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas

Innovations for Common Usage

The institute is actively involved in work related to harnessing modern science and technology towards the development of devices, packages and strategies, relating it to issues closer to the people . Some representative projects are listed below.
  • Solid waste management using Vermiculture
  • Urban transportation system designs and strategies
  • Corporate logos and signages
  • Structure and Management of databases for banks and financial institutions
  • Development of footwear for insensitive feet
  • Lightweight rehabilitation aids for polio affected children
  • Vehicle Data Recorder for fleet maintenance and fuel efficiency
  • Spiro meter system for respiration function analysis
  • Speech processing for the aids for the hearing impaired
  • Development of LPG stove for the visually impaired
  • Development of Tools and Technologies for Cane and Bamboo products
  • Development of Technologies for Indian Languages on the Web

R & D Programs of National Importance

IIT Bombay is involved in various programs of national significance. These programs cover a wide spectrum of areas and engage the interest of people across varied disciplines. To mention a few:
  • Earthquake Resistant Structures
  • Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Project
  • Geo- Referenced Area Management Programme (GRAM++) Software
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) program

Technology Transfer

Technologies Developed in a number of areas have been transferred to the industry. Some recent examples of technology transfer are listed below :
  • Controlled atmosphere storage technology for preservation of black tea in palletized stack storage system tranferred to Hindustan Lever Ltd.
  • Design of modular toilet unit for railway coaches undertaken by the Advaced Composite Mission, TIFAC ( Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) in partnership with Hindustan Fiber Glass works, Vadodra, with Design and Technology support from IIT Bombay. The units have been transferred to Indian Railways and installed in a two-tier AC coach of Rajdhani Express for trial run.
  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technolgy. It has been transferred to M/S Deven Superficials, Pune.