Extracurricular Activities

IIT Bombay promotes a host of student activities totally managed by students which range from inter-hostel competitions, festivals conducted at national level to managing facilities like messing and hostel infrastructure. These activities provide multiple platforms for students to improve their soft skills, which are imperative for one to excel in his/ her work space. Besides, campus is abuzz with activities of various student clubs and organizations.


The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay, is a student organization with the vision of nurturing the nascent entrepreneurial spirit of the IIT youth. The E-Cell motivates the students to start their own enterprise and also makes efforts to provide them with the necessary resources to do so. Eureka! The biggest annual business plan competition in India organized by E-Cell, IIT Bombay has provided impetus to many promising entrepreneurs. Their other initiatives include Ideaz, E-Summit, INCorpora, Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and E-Campaign.

Mood Indigo

With a 36 year history behind it, Mood Indigo has blossomed into India’s largest cultural college festival. Every December, Mood Indigo provides a platform for young talent across the country to converge and vie for glory in a plethora of competitions. Moreover, it showcases professional performances and workshops by some of the most acclaimed artists and theater persons of our time. Working for over 6 months to organize Mood Indigo, students in IIT Bombay explore opportunities to hone their creative and managerial skills and interact with celebrities and corporate persons. Indeed, Mood Indigo embodies the very spirit of youth.


Aimed at providing a platform for confluence of students, academia and industry, Techfest has grown over the years to become the biggest of its kind in Asia. Showcasing the latest and the best in R&D, the Techfest includes lectures by some of the most eminent personalities of myriad fields in science, technology and management, innovative and exciting competitions or workshops on riveting topics. The festival is completely organized by the students of IIT Bombay, who spend about nine months conceptualizing, planning and executing each Techfest event.


Abhyuday, the social body of IIT Bombay is a student run non-profit organization which aspires to promote social consciousness among the youth and concentrate their power towards a better and sustainable society. With a vision to channelize and sensitize the youth towards India's social challenges, Abhyuday works towards creating a sense of social responsibility and leadership among the youth.

Aawaaz and Insight

Aawaaz and Insight are IIT Bombay’s news bulletins in Hindi and English respectively meant for circulation within the campus. Their main purpose is to disseminate genuine and processed information on issues pertinent to IIT Bombay. The content primarily consists of contributions from the faculty and the student body. Besides, they also play a crucial role in the generation of public opinion by conducting an activities like panel debates, video & audio interviews and online opinion polls on issues affecting the student community. They are also responsible for coverage of major events at IIT Bombay campus.

Cultural Activities

The institute is abuzz with cultural activities throughout the year in the form of Performing Arts Festival (PAF), Inter-hostel competitions, professional performances and concerts by renowned artists, exhibitions, talent shows, workshops and lot more. PAF is the annual inter-hostel dramatics competition in which two or three hostels come together and put up a show on a grand scale. It’s a culmination of all cultural arts like dramatics, fine arts, music, dance, literature, debating etc and an event that everyone in the IIT community looks forward to.

Inter IIT Sports Meet

IITB sports support various recreational, training and competitive activities, round the year, in various sports and games. But an ultimate honour for any IITB sports person is a chance to represent the institute at the Inter IIT Sports Meet, held annually in October/ December. Every year one of the IITs host an inter IIT Sports event in which their best athletes competes against one another in various sports for the coveted Inter IIT Trophy.


For special interests of students there are various clubs like Astronomy Club, Hobbies Club, Mountaineering Club, Quiz Club, Science Club, Scrabble Club, Speaker’s Club, Swimming Club and Wildlife Club. These clubs act as a platform to bring together students possessing similar talents and interests and through well organized activities may develop into strong facets of a student’s personality.

Departmental Activities

Aimed at improving student faculty interaction and to provide a platform for students to improve their innovative skills in their respective fields of interest various workshops, conferences, discussions etc are conducted by students in their department. Some of the major events include Aagomani, Azeotropy, ChemIQ, Convergance, Inhouse Symposium, Padarth, Physics Olympiad, Radiance and Zephyr. Each department has its student association to conduct these academic and non-academic activities.

Research Scholar's Forum

The Research Scholar’s Forum (RSF), established in 1998, is a student organization attempting to address the fundamental needs of more than 1200 Research Scholars (PhD student) of the institute. It is a platform for RSs to showcase their talents and organizational capability by encouraging and assisting the community to face the industries and the professional world.

Other Activities

Apart from the above activities there are groups like Unnati, GRA (Group for Rural Activities), CTARA (Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas), NSS (National Service Scheme) etc which strive to bring up a collective consciousness in the student community and to encourage activities aimed at social welfare and consequent personal growth to flourish. They are a conglomeration of activities such as several teaching and vocational training programs and finding technological solutions to rural problems.