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Qualifying stage:

A PhD student does not commence his/her doctoral research immediately upon joining the PhD program. He/she is allowed a period of six months to choose a PhD thesis supervisor and finalize a thesis topic. In the meantime, certain other prerequisites are required to be fulfilled.

Course work: A PhD student is required to complete a minimum number of courses that will help him/her establish the fundamentals required to perform doctoral level research in the specialization. The institute requires that a PhD student complete two courses. However, autonomy is provided to the departments to set a higher number of courses. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering require a PhD student to complete four courses. The courses to be credited can be decided after consulting the faculty members of the specialization or a faculty member whom the PhD student has tentatively considered his/her thesis supervisor.

Seminar: Besides the courses, a PhD student has to deliver a seminar. The topic of the seminar can again be decided in consultation with a faculty member of the specialization under whose supervision the student might considering pursuing his PhD. The seminar allows a student to begin studying a topic that he may tentatively be considering choosing as his PhD topic and also finalize his supervisor.

Communication Skills: Every PhD student has to complete a Communication Skills course that assesses the communication skills of the PhD student and ensures that he/she possesses sufficient command over the English language so as to be able communicate in English effectively.