IIT Bombay provides the best learning facilities and the best possible learning environment.The programes & courses on offer have the flexiblity to evolve and change in response to new requirements.The programes have a dual purpose of building a solid foundation of knowledge and at the same time enhance confidence creativity and innovation.

IIT Bombay continues to introduce new areas in its academic programmes and innovation in its academic activites.The ultimate goal of the institute is to extend learning to its precious student.It strives to provide them the most novel and relevant education, always.

It is the institue's strong belief that students should get an exposure to the scientific developments in the world.Students are encouraged and supported to submit research papers and participate in international conferences.A business incubator established recently has also opened the gate of numerous opportunities for students to develop prototypes and generate venture capital.

IIT has MoUs with several universities in Europe,Japan and USA to facilitate exchange of students.Students spend a semester at the partner institution and have credits transfered. MoUs exists with Kellogg,McCormick Schools of Northwestern University,INSA Lyon,Toulouse University Network,Tohuku,Budapest Univesity of Technology and Economics, amongst them.

Living in such an environment amongst people with similar goals and aspirations is an exciting learning experience for students...a learning experience that has an obvious destination- success.

Teaching Processes

There is a great emphasis on core fundamentals in the classroom and examinations are designed to test the applicability of these fundamentals in real life situations. Course work is augmented by seminars, presentations and course projects to test the depth of understanding of subject.

Teaching Assistantship

Meritorious post graduate students are offered teaching assistantship which involves assisting instructors in relation to conducting the course. Students assist instructors in preparing lectures, organizing laboratory sessions and tutorials, course planning and even setting of examination questions.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The interdisciplinary programmes (IDPs) are designed to help students gain expertise in more than one technical field during the progress of the program by exploring the connections among the disciplines. The institute provides degree courses in several interdisciplinary areas such as Bio-engineering, Corrosion Engineering, Energy Systems, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (new program), Resource Engineering, Reliability Engineering and Systems & Control Engineering.

Departmental & Institute Electives

In order to boost interest in other faculties of engineering, the institute allows students to take electives and/or audit courses from departments other than their core area of specialization. Students can also take courses from Humanities and Management Sciences to broaden their perspective.

Industrial Exposure

Students are regularly exposed to the latest industrial practices through several industrial visits during their stay. The academic curriculum also requires a student to undergo industrial training for eight weeks at the end of the 6th semester of B.Tech and Dual Degree programmes. The training provides students with an understanding of the problems encountered in the working of an industry. The milieu of post graduate students at IIT Bombay is created by a vibrant of fresh graduates and students with long years of industrial experience.

Institute Programs

To facilitate the interaction of the faculty and students with acclaimed national and international personalities, IIT Bombay organizes seminars and lectures. Through these, students get an opportunity to interact with eminent personalities from the academia and the corporate world. In addition to these, various departments also organize workshops and seminars involving professionals from the industry.