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  • With the ever expanding energy needs of today its important for the industry to work in close association with academia to develop the appropriate expertise. Schlumberger and IIT Bombay have a long standing association to not only cater to the specialized Oilfield industry but also collaborate on research and knowledge sharing.
    Arindam Dutta
    INM Recruiting Manager
    INM SEED Coordinator
Welcome to the Recruitment Website For IITB, IIT is the India's foremost industrial leadership development institution. Our Graduates are a combination of rigorous thinking, hardwork and fundamentals. It is a well known fact that per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduate institution. So go on...
IIT Bombay continues to be ranked as the top university of the country and among the best in the world. IIT Bombay attracts the brightest students...» read more
(K. N. Bajaj Chair) Prof. Shubhasis Chaudhuri